Friday, October 25, 2013

New to the tea party!

New cast member, Katie Nixon, shares her experience of being a new Lady on Improvised Jane Austen. 

When I heard that there was an improv team in Chicago that performs in the style of Jane Austen my first thought was, “How nerd-tastically awesome is that!” My second thought was, “How can I be on that team?!” You can imagine my excitement when a casting notice for Improvised Jane Austen went out just a few months ago. After what was probably one of the best audition experiences of my life (where else would I be encouraged to play Mr. Darcy?), I was lucky enough to get the call from Kate that I would be welcomed to the group.

There was no question in my mind that I would get along swimmingly with this new group of ladies. While I only spend a few hours a week with IJA, it is incredibly refreshing to be around so many women who understand my references to barouches, my undying affection for Col. Brandon, and don’t mind when I dither on in my ever-varying British dialect. Our initial rehearsals came with a barrage of new information, which at times was a bit overwhelming, but thanks to the trusty Wikipage and my own Google calendar, I feel we’ve gotten everything under control.

    Rehearsing and performing with Improvised Jane Austen has been pure fun. I feel completely supported and love discovering new scenes and characters with these ladies. My first show was almost two weeks ago now: Improvised Jane Austen and the Gothic Novel. Like most good shows, it went by in a flash. There were lots of references to “subterranean tunnels,” howling wind, and a curious man with a penchant for butcher knives. I also had the great pleasure of sharing hosting duties with Jessica last week; our matching dresses were merely coincidence (thanks, Target!). I am greatly looking forward to donning the white dress again for the Piven shows. Perhaps I shall find a new frock by then!

By Katie Nixon