Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Respectful Argument for Why You Should Attend

How is it to perform at 10:00 p.m. on a Thursday (which, let’s be clear, is the new Friday) in February, in a city where most individuals bemoan the weather in this the most desperate time of the winter?

It is, in a word, exhilarating!

Yes, we all know the feeling you get when you return home from a strenuous day of work, and remove your shoes to sit upon your more than usually comfortable couch.  You sink in, perhaps order from the Hub of Grub, and are in for the evening.  But I challenge you to consider a few very interesting points that I’d like to hit upon in an respectful argument for getting out of your proverbial cave to support live theater.

In the first, you feel that you have indeed accomplished something, and you feel this way because you certainly have.  In these times of anxiety and strain in our modern culture, it is most indubitably a great feat to get out of your warm, inviting abode and commit to putting away your tiny, bescreened escape device for long enough to be transported in a different and more ancient manner; THEATER.  To support live performers, who have also made the decision to come out on a chilly eve, is to offer the deepest gratitude to creativity, hopes and dreams of like minded individuals, and of course, the arts.

In the second, to brave the night and the weather to come out into the public eye solidifies your deep commitment to community.  This act of making yourself known publicly puts you on as social pedestal.  You may not know, but coming to attend a performance such as ours makes you pure perfection in the eyes of those you are going to see.  You are, respectfully and warmly spoken of in the back of stage and will be thanked profusely upon entering the lobby at the finale of the show.  At this particular theater (The McKaw Theater, a divine space)  you will be made to feel as if you entered the parlour of a dear friend.  You will be told how wonderful you look and indeed how wonderful you are! Additionally, you will be offered a refreshment, for free, upon payment for the performance (and at $10 for the show, you are getting your monies worth of dear diversions).

In the final, the good that you accomplish by attending is beyond logical measure.  You will be made to feel special (because you are), you will be supporting live performances, and you will also show your unparalleled commitment to your community and the arts.

We do so much hope to see you this evening,
Thursday, The 9th of February (or if you must miss this eve, Feb. 16th or 23rd)
10:00 o’clock in the eve of night.
1439 W. Jarvis Ave.
Many of the Warmest Returns,

The Ladies of Improvised Jane Austen