Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Swear Words Used During the Regency Period:

It is so strange, but as the days creep past I find myself in need of a few old curse words.  
These gentlemen are clearly cussing softly to each other.
Swear Words used during the Regency period:

Swag bellied - fat
Maggot pie - lowest of the low
Bally - a shortening of ballocks,  which means balls
Deuced - screwed over, damned
Dad - meaning God
Sard - *uck……………* = f
Blimey - oh shit
Berk - a tem for the c word %unt………% = c
Gosh - GOD
Crikey - WOW, I mean WOW!
Adventuress - whore
Ass - same as ever
Balls or ballocks- testicles
Bitch - meaning slutty and used for men and women
Bull - thought to be taboo because of how virile a gentleman cow is
Crap - shit
Strumpet - whore
Cherry - a maiden’s vagina
Dashed - damned
Cocksucker or cockchafer - you know this one
Imp - devil
Fool - idiot
Dad shamed - shamed by God
Macaroni - effeminate male
Damn - yep
clap - V.D. (Venereal Disease)
Devil - satan
Bloody - damn
Dickens - hell or damnation
Fuck - a very bad word
Dafted - dumb
Redneck - a poor person living in the country
Sodomite - a homosexual male
Necessary - the bathroom
Boat-licker meaning ass-kisser
Randy - feeling sexy
Fart-  as in,  I don’t give a fart
Blame - Damn
Tarnation - a popular sub for damnation
Contemptible - terrible, looked down upon
Horney - wanting the sex
Sit down upons - underpants
Inexpressibles - pants. It was not nice to speak of pants in public
Quim - vagina
Jesse - hell
Lick-finger or lick-spittle - kiss-ass
Knock up - get pregnant……..who knew how old school this term was…….not me
Nancy Boy - effeminate male
Limb - leg…….it was extremely bad taste to talk of the hidden body parts of the time
Piss - pee-pee
Twat - *unt
Whoremonger - a frequent whore visitor
Prick - small penis
Puss - self explanatory
Snatch - puss
Shit - poop
Urchin - disgusting
Tarnal- damn
Strumpet - a lady of the night
Scalawag - a worthless person
Huzzy - proud and apt to use the words on this list
Swow - cuss


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