Thursday, January 12, 2017

Brief Retellings for Delight

I am inclined to believe it is not merely I who suffer from the grey respite of the dull winter months.  Therefore, I set myself a wondrous task of regaling some the great Austen novels  in twelve words or less.  Such summaries offer me the opportunity to work out the true crux of each excellent story and will lay forth for you the driver of each tale.

  1. Sense and Sensibility
          Two sisters fall in love, are broken, but end up happy.

     2.  Persuasion
           Love rejected, then desired. Family is oppressive, but
love wins.

     3.  Pride and Prejudice
           Two stuck up people somehow fall in love despite many

     4.  Emma
           Young, uppity matchmaker falls in love unexpectedly and
learns humility.

     5.  Mansfield Park
           Sweet, underprivileged girl slowly but surely gets her man.

     6.  Northanger Abbey
           Adventures in finding love in Bath and haunted places.

I do not claim perfection in these brief retellings, but it is my dearest hope that you have been perhaps delighted or further informed by them.  

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